At Solid Building Services we love ideas and ambition – and an extension is the perfect expression of that! We offer extension services including loft conversions, full house extensions and conservatory builds. We are passionate about each and every project, so you can rest easy knowing that the result will be excellent!

Home extensions can transform your home and have many advantages.

Time and cost efficient

Instead of putting down a deposit to buy a new home, why not spend that money to extend your current home? We tailor to your requirements, personality and budget. A home extension is beneficial in the long run because you will save money in the long run! With your leftover money, you can buy new furniture, invest in decoration for your home. House hunting itself can be stressful and time consuming. An extension can save you the hassle.

Personalise your home

Personalising your home is fun and a great way to make your home your own! Improving your home by adding in a loft or conservatory, are logical ways to utilise the space in your home. Our qualified team will work alongside you when discussing your plans and designs for your home renovations. We want you to have your best version of your home.

Increase the value of your home

Extensions increase the value of your home. An effective extension and general design can raise the worth of your home in the market. Hence, when planning and designing the extension to your home, it is important to take into consideration what you want to improve. That could be adding in an extra bathroom or bedroom, which is perfect for a larger family.

Whether you want to add an extra bedroom, or extend your kitchen, or create a conservatory for your home, we at Solid Building Services are here to assist!