Your kitchen is the heart of your home because the whole family uses the kitchen, and because it’s a spot where we socialise with our friends and family. Therefore, it’s vital that your kitchen is well designed, welcoming, and fully functional. Solid Building Services offer a kitchen fittings service. Our dedicated and qualified team want you to have the perfect kitchen for your home!

A kitchen is an essential part of every home and can be both a place to escape and burrow into and also a statement piece. Be it either, we at Solid Building Services have a reliable and qualified team for all your kitchen fittings needs! Our team will make sure that your kitchen is fitted perfectly to the upmost standard. We ensure that all the appliances and fittings are tight and in working order.

Our Kitchen Fittings

  • Sinks & Taps
  • Cooker Hoods
  • Handles & Knobs
  • Hinges & Stays
  • Wirework & Corner Units
  • Doors
  • Kitchen Units
  • Kitchen Accessories
  • Drawers & Drawer Slides
  • Bins
  • Lighting
  • Tools
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • General Hardware

Designing and fitting in a kitchen entails a lot of work and should only be done by professionals. The kitchen fitters at Solid Building Services are reputable and fully licensed for the task. On completion, they will thoroughly test all the wiring and applications. If there is any problem, they will work on resolving it before finishing your kitchen. We pride on our work and customer satisfaction!

We are a cost-effective and a reputable establishment, with a professional team. For further enquiries, contact our team!