“Home is where the heart is”, as they say and we at Solid Building Services couldn’t agree more. We guarantee client satisfaction and happiness after completion of each build. Our aim is to give you your “home sweet home”, that you’ve always dreamed of. There are many positives to investing in new builds.

  • Cost-efficient: In comparison to old homes, new builds tend to be more affordable. New homes comply with the latest building regulations, which means lower bills!
  • Personalised Home: One of the best advantage of a new build is the fact that you personalise it to your own style and liking, making your home unique to your taste!
  • Energy Efficient: New homes have the latest environmental standards, including better insulation and well-structured heating. New homes tend to come with energy-saving features, making the home more environmental friendly. New homes have lower carbon footprint.
  • Safety & Security: Safety and Security is very important for every home. New builds come with higher levels of safety and security, including burglar alarms and the latest fire-resistant materials.
  • Modern Living: Many new homes are top-spec and modern, with the latest technology (smart-home features).
  • Structural Warranty: New homes come with a 10 year structural warranty, which protects you from any major structural defect to your home.

Solid Building Services have substantial experience in building homes for our customers. We are always committed to working diligently, efficiently, and ensure that we follow all the detailed plans and specifications to build your perfect home

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